Our Online Offering

At CanvasU we believe in the need for online research to be conducted using more than just a standard online access panel.

To ensure we get a better representation of the population than just those who have ‘signed up to do a survey every now and then’ we use broad avenues of appeal - engaging with people through their areas of interest and via the behaviours they exhibit in the ‘Online World’.

When using panels, we will always use a minimum of 2 panels, and will often blend panels based on your requirements and the survey target.

Our respondent’s pool is uniquely positioned in the way it is sourced and managed. We leverage our relationships with a broad range of online organisations to gain access to thousands of diverse communities and draw traffic from them. Our surveys form part of their engagement with their originating community resulting in higher uptake and considered response.

Qualification requirements are rigidly adhered to and used to validate our sample requirements. We further ensure quality is maintained via an electronic fingerprinting validation process whilst broadening the net to reach untapped waters.