Our Services

As important as the data collection services we offer our clients are the process and sense checks applied on all projects. This is applicable from the initial outline of the project through to the data output..

The key steps to the process include:

  • Evaluation of the key aims of the study matched to the type of survey methodology required and within the budget expectations
  • Develop competitive budget options according to the agreed specifications and methodology
  • Review and provide informed feedback on the questionnaire
  • Thorough pre-launch and pilot of survey scripts
  • Continual monitoring of quotas, schedule, quality checks and updates on the project while in-field
  • Develop and provide data outputs according to client specifications
Market Research Project Management

A critical offering from the CanvasU team is project management consultation. Utilising the specialist skills of a dynamic team CanvasU can provide the support of a Project Manager to “run” a project for you even if being conducted through a third party and whether online or CATI.


From the budgeting and quotation stage, we offer our own insights into your suggested methodology, provide ideas and alternatives, and source necessary documentation and sample.


If we understand your goals we can provide the highest quality at the most efficient price point.


The specialist knowledge of the team will do all Project Management from quote co-ordination through to script testing, survey progress reporting, issues resolution, and a data and coding review.

Online Survey Scripting and Hosting

We are able to offer in-house online programming services for all questionnaires regardless of complexity. Our experience in the preparation of the questionnaire prior to scripting, exhaustive pre-launch checking and pilot testing ensures an accurate and user friendly survey is delivered to the respondents every time.

CATI Services

The CanvasU team offers the highest level CATI expertise built on extensive hands-on experience gained running hundreds of CATI projects over 20 years.


Our CATI Facility in Surry Hills, as well as our facility in Brisbane, provide us the capacity to fulfil projects large and small.


Our business and residential interviewing teams comprise a select handpicked team of qualified, experienced interviewers managed by a full time supervisory team.


We are uncompromising on quality and meeting the specifications of your project.


All reporting criteria, quota updates, schedule monitoring and quality review will occur as a matter of standard operating procedures.

F2F and CLT offering

The CanvasU team have an abundance of experience on a multitude of face to face projects including Central Location, Shopping Centre intercept, and door to door interviewing using iPads.


CanvasU works with its own teams of supervisors and interviewers throughout all states of Australia, and have experience in conducting interviews in remote locations, rural areas, and hard to reach populations.


The quality of the interviewers is a particular attribute we value highly. Interviewers are highly skilled in traditional market research, briefed thoroughly on projects, and are subject to the ISO 20252 Quality standards.


Through the use of technology and low cost infrastructure, we have produced a far more cost effective approach to a previously expensive methodology.


Additionally we believe that the quality of face to face interviewing presents enormous benefits to any research programme, and is an ideal adjunct to current Online practices.

Data Outputs

Data outputs can be created to suit most client expectations. Standard output options include, but are not limited to SPSS, SPSS Q ready files or Excel tables.


Requests for data output in alternative formats will always be considered and most likely be possible.